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  • Syndicate Betting
  • Great for Horse Racing
  • Unique Promotions and Bets
  • Trusted Name
  • Simple Layout
  • Fast and Helpful Customer Support
  • Limited Sports Betting Promotions
  • Limited Payment Options
  • Slow Withdrawals

Tote is an online gambling brand named after the bags you buy to take to the supermarket, only for them to accumulate under your sink amongst the carrier bags and expired detergents.

Okay, so that’s not true. It’s actually a famous pool betting brand that was once owned by the government and then sold to Betfred in 2011.

In 2019, it changed hands again when it was acquired by the UK Tote Group. Today, the Tote exists as an online casino and sportsbook, and it’s one that I actually know quite well.

A number of years ago, I had a spell where Tote Sport was the only site I used. The betting markets were decent, but more importantly, the withdrawals were instant, and few other sites were offering that at the time.

But Tote Sport disappeared a couple of years ago, the site was given a makeover and a rebrand, and that’s where we are today. For this Tote review, I returned to see how things had changed.

Welcome Bonuses

Tote has a few different sections, including Fantasy Sports, Virtual Games, and Casino Games. The main site is the sportsbook, but even that is split, with options for “Racing” and “Football”.

The “Racing” section is where you will find the main welcome bonus.

It offers £20 in free bets for players who deposit and wager £5 or more. But there are some key terms to consider here.

Firstly, the £20 is redeemable on UK and Irish placepot bets. If you’re not clued up on horse racing lingo, a placepot is basically an accumulator bet whereby you bet on one horse to place across a race card.

It’s great if you’re into horse racing or want to learn more about it, but it’s not fantastic if you prefer betting on ball sports.

You have 7 days to use your credits and must be a new player to qualify.

Loyalty Offers

Tote has a selection of other bonuses based on its horse racing selections. There is a Stayers Club, where you’ll earn redeemable credits when you place at least 6 bets a week, and there are occasional free bet promotions as well.

It is far from a bonus-heavy website though. If you’re looking for a site with regular free bets, free spins, loyalty bonuses, and more, this isn’t it. You will be better off with a site like PokerStars or bet365.

Software and Betting Options

Tote Sport was a traditional sportsbook. If memory serves, it was basically a carbon copy of every other site out there and the Tote name was little more than branding, much like Mirror Bingo and Daily Record Bingo only give a passing mention to their tabloid connections.

The latest iteration of the Tote site is a little different. It combines pools betting, accumulators, and syndicate options to create a unique experience.

Or rather, it’s unique in the way that it is structured. In truth, the Bet Builder/Make-a-Bet features on most modern sportsbooks are similar to what Tote offers. You can even play fantasy sports these days on sites like bet365.

Still, it’s all neatly ordered and feels different. I also can’t remember seeing anything like the Tote Syndicates. You can create your own syndicate or join an existing one. Just pay the entrance fee, make your betting selections, and play for a big prize.

As with lottery syndicates, these betting options let you win huge prizes with smaller stakes. They’re a good option for people who are new to betting and want to see what others are doing. They’re also fun in general. If you’re like me and have been gambling traditionally for a long time, you’ll get a kick out of playing these games on occasion.

Customer Support

Before writing a batch of reviews, I email each of the companies to see how quick they are and whether they pay attention to non-members. Fewer than half of them reply, and many of the ones that reply just ask me for my membership details, suggesting that they can’t answer a simple question unless I sign up first.

Thankfully, Tote is not one of those sites. In a recent batch of 200 reviews spanning several months, Tote responded the quickest. It took just a few minutes to get a reply and it actually addressed and answered the question.

That might not sound like a big deal, as most of you will never need to contact the support team. But if you’ve ever needed to take those steps and have encountered terrible support, you’ll understand how important it is.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Tote doesn’t accept PayPal or other web wallets. In fact, you are limited to Visa and Mastercard. It’s a disappointing selection, and it means that withdrawals will never be instant.

Still, if you use these methods anyway, you won’t have an issue.

Verdict: Tote Review

Tote is a completely different beast from Tote Sport. I personally like the change. It offers something different, and that’s key, as going the traditional route means it will always be playing second fiddle to bigger, better, and more established sites like bet365. At least this way it can appeal to all sports bettors by offering something that they can’t find elsewhere.

Of course, it’s a little limited, the payment options aren’t great, and I would have liked to see more bonuses for football (and other sports that aren’t horse racing), but it’s a great effort on the whole.


Why is it Called the Tote?

Rather than being named for a type of bag, the Tote actually comes from the word Totalisator. It sounds like a machine sent from the future to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it’s actually a device that shows a series of bets.

How Long Do Withdrawals Take?

It can take between 3 and 5 days to get your funds after a Tote withdrawal.

Is Tote Just Horse Racing?

No. There are other sports to bet on as well. However, horse racing is definitely the main focus.

Can I Use Tote on Mobile?

It fully supports mobile use, including both iOS and Android devices.

Tote Details

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