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  • Established Brand
  • Great Bingo Games
  • Good Slot Selection
  • Big Jackpots and Prizes
  • PayPal Accepted
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Several Payment Methods Excluded from Bonus
  • Support Can Be Frustrating

Ladbrokes is one of the UK’s biggest and oldest betting brands. It has been a feature on UK high streets for decades and also owns a sizeable share of the online betting market.

In the following review, I’ll focus on Ladbrokes Bingo, seeing how it compares to other top bingo sites.

Welcome Bonuses

Ladbrokes Bingo offers new players a £25 bingo bonus when they sign up, deposit, and wager at least £5 on bingo games. The bonus must be accepted within 14 days and it comes with a 2x wagering requirement.

The qualifying £5 can be wagered on any bingo tickets and doesn’t need to be used on a single game or even in a single day.

A number of payment methods are excluded from this welcome bonus. It’s best to stick with Visa and Mastercard debit if you want to ensure you don’t miss out.

Once the £25 bingo bonus appears in your account, you have 30 days to use it and can spend it on all bingo games.

Loyalty Offers

If you visit the “Promotions” section on Ladbrokes Bingo, you’ll see a number of thumbnails and links. However, most of these just reference jackpot games and penny games, as opposed to giveaways, free bingo tickets, or anything else you typically associate with bingo bonuses.

There are some of these offers available, but they are not as plentiful as they first seem.

Bingo Games and Slots

I have had some issues with Ladbrokes sportsbook in the past. Of all the major UK betting sites, it’s the only one I have actively avoided just because of the sheer number of errors and niggling issues I have encountered.

I expected something similar from Ladbrokes Bingo. Thankfully, however, the process was smooth, effortless, and surprisingly enjoyable. 

It should be expected considering that Ladbrokes Bingo is operated by the same company behind Foxy Bingo and Cheeky Bingo, but of course, previous experience suggested otherwise.

As far as the games are concerned, Ladbrokes Bingo has some of the best in the business. They are basically the same games that you’ll find on Foxy Bingo, which means there are occasional free games, lots of £0.01 bingo rooms, and even games that you can play for £0.50 or £1 a ticket.

All players will find their level here. If it’s big jackpots that you’re chasing, there are daily, weekly, and monthly games with thousands, tens of thousands, and even £100,000 on offer. 

It’s one of the largest selections of bingo rooms you’ll find. Unlike some other “bingo” sites, it’s not merely an online casino with a few bingo games thrown in.

Customer Support

I contacted Ladbrokes Bingo to ask a few simple questions. I approached them as a player who needed them to answer a simple query before I could sign up. I expected a prompt reply answering my question. What I got was a prompt request for my verification documents so I could verify my details and account.

Needless to say, they weren’t very helpful.

My question related to verification and asked what would be required when I eventually took the plunge and signed up. My guess is that they use automated software that detected the words “verification” and then immediately triggered an auto-response with those details.

There is a live chat feature, but it is automated with one of those annoying chatbots that just send you around in circles. It’s almost as if they are programmed to annoy you so much that you just give up and leave.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Ladbrokes Bingo accepts PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, and a few other payment methods. I have been a member of the site for a number of years and have used PayPal for much of that time. In the last couple of years, however, it hasn’t actually let me process payments with PayPal.

I’m not sure why, but every time it loads, it takes me to an error page. I tried it again before writing this review and the issue is still there.

I know what you’re thinking, why don’t I just contact support and get the problem fixed?

Well, the issues I had with Ladbrokes began when I first tried to sign up. The sign-up page kept glitching and refusing to submit my details. When it eventually worked, it told me that the username I chose had already been taken. It was such an obscure username that I assumed it was a glitch. 

When it happened again and again with even more obscure names, I was certain of it. So, I wrote a very offensive name, and then pressed “Submit” again.

I was preparing to leave. That was my last hurrah. But that’s when the site chose to work, and my username has been stuck that way ever since.

So, I can’t contact customer support because I will immediately offend them and potentially cause my account to be suspended.

Getting back on topic, withdrawals are relatively fast here and there are no transaction fees.

Verdict: Ladbrokes Bingo Review

I am not as drawn to Ladbrokes Bingo as I am to Cheeky Bingo and Foxy Bingo. They are the same sites in many ways, but my experiences with Ladbrokes haven’t been as positive, both in terms of the software and the customer support. Still, these are minor issues at worst, and while I can’t score it as highly as those sites, it deserves near-top marks.


Why Does it Say LC International Limited on My Bank Statement?

LC International Limited is the parent company of Ladbrokes. It also operates other top online casinos and bingo rooms. If you have made a deposit to one of these sites, you will likely see “LC International Limited” or some variation on your bank statement.

Can I Access Other Areas of the Ladbrokes Site?

Yes, an account with Ladbrokes Bingo will grant you access to all other sections of the Ladbrokes site. It means that you can use one wallet to place sports bets, play slot games, or test your luck in a bingo room.

What Variants of Bingo Does Ladbrokes Bingo Have?

There are 30, 36, 50, 75, 80, and 90-ball bingo variants here, with several options for each of them.

How Much Can I Win on Ladbrokes Bingo?

It depends on the game and the size of the jackpot at the time. However, there are games that offer thousands and even tens of thousands. The biggest is probably the £100k Bingo Boost, which has a grand prize of £100,000.

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